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In 2013, JTB Americas set up a global brand in order to diversify the company portfolios and to manage North America as a destination. Established as part of the JTB Americas Group Global DMC Network, Travel Plaza International (TPI) offers quality products, services and local operations to B2B wholesalers across the world, with three key destinations under regional brands: TPI America, TPI Canada and TPI Hawaii. We put together complete packages of travel services for our clients, operating from 22 different cities to provide local knowledge and quality customer care. Our diverse network of over 1,000 employees helps ensure high- ‐quality travel services and true hospitality, every time.

About JTB Americas Group

Established in 1964, JTB Americas Group has been providing innovative travel solutions for our clients globally. We use our reach and experience to specialist in travel services such as MICE, leisure, and FIT arrangements. Our net work of companies has been recognized as a full service destination management company in Canada, Mainland U.S., Hawaii, and Brazil. Today, our group has employed more than 2,000 employees in 22 subsidiary companies, allowing us to offer high quality products and services to travelers from all over the world.

World Markets
TPI Group provides service to major wholesalers and its customers from world markets of Greater China Area, Asia Pacific, and South America. With strong partnerships with business affiliates, products are customized to the needs of each market and adapt to the ever changing trends. TPI Group mission is to be flexible and to provide honest consultation to our customer and ensure safety and enjoyment.
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