To Our Dear Customers,

As of 2016, TPI is reconstructed under JTB Americas bringing together TPI America (US Mainland), TPICanada (Canada), and TPI Hawaii (Hawaii) into one company, aiming to go beyond expectations and become everyone’s favorite Destination Management Company in North America. We are committed to bring the best quality travel services to everyone through 3 core value:

Innovative products | Professional
solutions | 
Human Touch

This union allows us to physically operates in 22 cities, ensuring quality customer service and care to support clients and their customers to experience perfect moments during each trip. TPI is set to become the new norm in the travel industry with 3 core values: innovation, solution, and human touch. We take pride in its diversified cast members of 1090 employees which provide a standard in true hospitality.

To celebrate the joy and milestone with us, please visit our website (www.tpi-global.com) and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hope to have your visit, and looking forward to Make the Trip with everyone on this new journey.

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