Atlantic Maritimes Panoramic

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Head to the furthest east of Canada and witness natural beauty like no other. Travel through Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick in this 8-day adventure. Whether it's exploring local villages and islands, biking along scenic trails or tasting fresh local cuisine, the charming coastline of Atlantic Canada will add new colours to your journey of lifetime.

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01   Lobsters & Seafood

Atlantic seafood are tender, juicy and one of the freshest in Canada. This region is known for its Atlantic lobsters, which are harvested from cold, pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The best lobster season runs from May to October. From traditional lobster boils, seafood chowders and oysters, Atlantic Canada is a paradise for all seafood lovers.

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02   Bay of Fundy

The dramatic rise and fall of tides in Bay of Fundy create a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, with rocky cliffs, stunning beaches and incredible rock formations. Due to its unusual combination of resonance and the shape of the bay, it has the highest tides in the world. Kayaking along the coastline at the Bay of Fundy is one of the most fun opportunities you can experience.

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03   Cycling along the coast

Cycling along the coast of Atlantic Canada is a truly extraordinary experience. The scenic coastal routes offer breathtaking views of cliffs and beaches with fresh sea breeze and scent of saltwater along your ride. The welcoming region has variety of cycling trails suitable for all skill levels, giving everyone the chance to ride at their own pace at any time of the year.

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04  Green Gables Heritage Place

Located on Prince Edward Island, the Green Gables Heritage Place is a real-life setting that was built inspired by author Lucy Maud Montgomery to create the fictional world of Anne Shirley. This charming and picturesque farm house offers a glimpse into the life and times of late 19th century, with beautiful walking trails and manicured gardens. It is a beloved and iconic destination that has captured the hearts of literature enthusiasts and classic novels.

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05   Peggy's Cove and Lighthouses

Across Atlantic Canada, symbolic and colourful lighthouses can be found along its rugged shoreline. One of the most famous lighthouses is the Peggy's Point Lighthouse which was built in 1915 and standing on a stunning waved-washed boulders in Peggy's Cove facing the South Shore. These beautifully designed beacons, originally served as guiding sailors through the waters of Atlantic Ocean, have become popular photographing spots among many tourists.

TPI GLOBAL Itinerary

8 Days Atlantic Maritimes Panoramic
Day 1 : Hometown to Halifax
  • Fly from hometown and arrive in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia
  • Transfer to hotel and explore Halifax at leisure
  • Overnight stay at Halifax
  • Day 2 : Halifax
  • Start your day by taking a boat ride along scenic waterfront
  • Enjoy a tasty local seafood meal at the Halifax Waterfront
  • Visit Halifax Ciadel, Public Gardens Pier 21 and Point Pleasant Park
  • Overnight stay at Halifax
  • Day 3 : Cape Breton Island to Sydney
  • Depart early morning to Cape Breton Island and Sydney
  • Visit Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Skyline Trail and Pleasant Bay
  • Drive along Cabot Trail and enjoy St. Lawrence whale watching
  • Overnight stay at Sydney
  • Day 4 : Charlottetown
  • Depart early morning to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
  • Visit the Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place and Singing Sands beach
  • Enjoy famous Cows Creamery and P.E.I. lobster meal in the evening
  • Overnight stay at Charlottetown
  • Day 5 : Moncton to Fredericton
  • Depart early morning for Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Visit Bay of Fundy, Hopewell Rocks and the Magic Mountain
  • Explore beautiful trails along the Saint John River
  • Overnight stay at Fredericton
  • Day 6 : Lunenburg
  • Depart for early morning for Lunenburg
  • Explore Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage site and its colourful waterfront
  • Visit Peggy’s Cove and White Point
  • Overnight stay at Lunenburg
  • Day 7 : White Point
  • Visit Kejimkujik National Park, Halls Harbour and Wolfville wineries
  • Enjoy wine tasting tours and dinner at Wolfville wineries
  • Return to Halifax for an overnight stay
  • Day 8 : Halifax to Hometown
  • After hotel checkout, transfer to Halifax International Airport
  • Fly from Halifax back to hometown
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