Great Bear Rainforest & Nanaimo

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Reconnect to the natural world and experience the profound beauty of the Broughton Archipelago and the Great Bear Rainforest. Stay in west coast style ocean-side accommodations and enjoy finest prepared meals. Through engaging safaris lead by passionate guides, venture deep into the heart of this wild and beautiful part of the planet, where Orca skip over the white Pacific waves, where mighty Grizzlies forage in lush towering forest.

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01   Bear Safaris

Bear viewing by Farewell Harbour Lodge runs from early June to mid October seasons, offering different excursions in search of both Grizzly bears and Black bears. Travelling deep into river systems by water taxi or motorized vehicles, adventurers will disembark the zodiacs and proceed into bear habitat on foot to seek out bears in their natural environment while exploring lush rainforest and terrains.

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02   Coastal Ecology

Explore some of the science behind the peaceful ecosystem by strolling through thick carpets of moss in the Great Bear Rainforest. Stepping beyond the Farewell Harbour is a magnificent mixture of Western Hemlock, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Balsam Fir Trees with a wondrous variety of beautiful animals both large and small. 

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03   Marine Wildlife

Marine excursions into the waters near Farewell Harbour offers spectacular glimpse of large sized marine mammals. The Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago are renowned for its presence of Northern Resident Orcas. These popular Orcas come into the local waters around mid July to early October. In addition, Humpback whales, Dall’s porpoises, Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Steller sea lions and sea otters also happen to inhabit the areas.

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04   Farewell Harbour Lodge

Located on the Berry Island within the border of world renowned Broughton Archipelago Marine Park, Farewell Harbour Lodge is a west-coast inspired waterfront retreat with its private 30 acre forest. Surrounding this lodge is a beautiful protected anchorage along the famed inside passage route to Alaska and you may see the twinkling anchor lights of a few yachts moored further out in the bay during the evening sunsets. Beside the primary lodge building, the expansive decks design continue as a boardwalk along the shoreline, leading to its eight ocean-side suites while a ramp leads off the main lodge to the floating lodge below featuring an additional four private suites for twelve rooms in total.

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05   Nanaimo

Nestled on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is a city that captures the essence of Vancouver Island’s beauty and boasts an array of sightseeing activities that offer a delightful blend of history, nature and coastal charm. Completing a classic city tour in Nanaimo will surely unveils its rich heritage, such as visiting the iconic Bastion standing tall as a symbol of the city’s past. The bustling harborfront promenade beckons with its charming cafes and scenery. Visitors can also immerse themselves along the Newcastle Island walking trails and indigenous cultural sites.

TPI GLOBAL Itinerary

5 Days Great Bear Rainforest & Nanaimo
Day 1 : Nanaimo
  • Arrive at Nanaimo by BC Ferries
  • Explore downtown Nanaimo at leisure
  • Visit the historic Bastion, Commercial Street and Nanaimo Museum
  • Overnight stay at Nanaimo
  • Day 2 : Nanaimo to Vancouver Island
  • Depart Nanaimo early morning and travel to Alder Bay on Vancouver Island
  • Aboard water taxi and travel to Farewell Harbour Lodge
  • Explore marine wildlife in the waters of the Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound
  • Evening program on the aspect of BC coastal ecology
  • Overnight stay at the Farewell Harbour Lodge
  • Day 3 : Great Bear Rainforest
  • After breakfast, travel to the Great bear Rainforest
  • Experience first full day bear viewing adventure
  • Return to lodge for Buffett dinner
  • Evening program on Great Bear Rainforests and wildlife
  • Overnight stay at the Farewell Harbour Lodge
  • Day 4 : Great Bear Rainforest
  • After breakfast, enjoy full day bear viewing safari or exploration of Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound
  • Return to lodge for dinner and evening program
  • Overnight stay at the Farewell Harbour Lodge
  • Day 5 : Vancouver Island to Nanaimo
  • After breakfast, experience a short morning sea kayak excursion
  • Depart Alder Bay by water taxi and travel back to Nanaimo
  • Optional kayaking along Nanaimo coastline
  • Depart from Nanaimo or extend your trip as desired
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    *Please note that this itinerary is a suggested sample itinerary and can be customized to fit any possible flight schedule, days, group size and preferences. We recommend contacting our TPI Global representatives for more detailed information regarding tour customization service and availability.
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