Yellowknife Aurora Viewing

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Let's take a step into the spectacular North. Travel to one of the most cozy wilderness cabin on Great Slave Lake in a comfort heated snow-tracked van and view the mystical dance of Northern Light in traditional teepees free from crowds. For those who journey into the Northwest Territories, be ready for a completely new and dreamlike adventure.

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01   Aurora Borealis

Yellowknife is the best place in the world to view the aurora borealis. With its long winter lights, early December to the beginning of April is a great time of the year for travellers to go for a visit. Late summer to early autumn also offers good chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

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02   Snowmobiling

Get ready for a full-throttle excitement at the North. Try getting on a snowmobile while exploring icy trails and frozen lakes across the boundless Arctic. Some lodges and cabins provide rental snowmobiling equipment while we have them included in optional activities. This is the perfect rush of adrenaline for the thrill-seekers.

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03   Winter Icefishing

In Yellowknife, the fishing season doesn’t end when the waters freeze. It is the chance to take part in age-old tradition of ice fishing in the Northwest Territories. The old ways of doing things taste just as delicious.

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04   Dogsledding

Dogsledding tours in the Northwest Territories are great addition to your winter actions - part pristine wilderness tour, part exhilarating winter adventure. The Arctic backcountry offers sled dogs a nearly endless space to run wild, pulling you along for the adventure of a lifetime. When you get a chance to meet the dogs, you’ll find they are friendly, loveable, and above all, extremely lively. Dogsledding across the Arctic makes you feel like something out of a storybook, and it’s definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss.

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05   Classic Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a timeless and iconic way of travelling through the snowy Canadian winter. In the Yellowknife, this tradition lives on. People snowshoe recreationally on winter hikes, but it is also still the most efficient way to walk over deep snow out to a cozy cabin, secluded fire pit, or out into an unbroken field of snow to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

TPI GLOBAL Itinerary

3 Days Yellowknife Aurora Viewing
Day 1 : Vancouver to Yellowknife
  • Fly from Vancouver to Yellowknife
  • Transfer to your hotel and spend the day exploring Yellowknife city
  • Travel to a cozy wilderness teepee and search for Aurora Borealis
  • Overnight at Yellowknife
  • Day 2 : Yellowknife
  • Enjoy the day in Yellowknife at leisure
  • Optional dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing
  • Travel to a cozy wilderness teepee and search for another Aurora Borealis
  • Overnight at Yellowknife
  • Day 3 : Yellowknife to Vancouver
  • After warm breakfast, check out and fly back to Vancouver
  • Optional extra night at Yellowknife and extend your stay as desire
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    *Please note that this itinerary is a suggested sample itinerary and can be customized to fit any possible flight schedule, days, group size and preferences. We recommend contacting our TPI Global representatives for more detailed information regarding tour customization service and availability.
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